ICE-y Products

We sell
snow cones and ice-cream!
  • in numerous diverse flavours with assorted toppings
  • in your customised flavours, shapes and toppings
  • healthy and tastier ice cream and snow cones
At ICE-y, the list of flavours that we serve is a long one but it has not ended yet. We have an ongoing research program in which we are inventing new exquisite flavours that will excite those taste buds of yours.

You are also more than welcome to design your own flavours if our list does not satisfy you. For all you know, maybe your new flavour could be a sensational hit all around the world.

Target Audience
  • people of all ages, young and old
  • people who have specific preferences for flavours
  • people work-out
Our snow cones and ice-cream are suited for the young and old, the healthy and weak, the fans and critics... and about everyone you can possibly think of, including you! With our variety of flavours, shapes and toppings, people of all ages and preferences would be able to find something that suits them.

Stores @
  • shopping centres
  • movie theaters
  • community centres
  • beaches
  • parks

Snow Cones & Ice Cream
for a sunny day, everyday ~